Hi all! I am recent class of 2020 grad from Millikin University with honors and a BFA in Musical Theatre. I enjoy exploring new countries, hiking, and am always down for a game of soccer. I love all animals big and small but have a sweet spot for deer and guinea pigs. You can always find me in front of the TV cheering on the Ohio Stage Buckeyes when it's football season.

Growing up in "The Land" my entire life, I love anything and everything Ohio. Although I'm a fan of fresh air and warm weather, I am a big city girl at heart. People tend to be surprised by my booming voice and larger-than-life personality, when coming from someone who is only 5'2". From the goofy outsider who is finding her way to the annoying little sister with a big heart, to the popular girl at school who hides what goes on at home, I am often seen playing the younger and lively side of life. I lead day to day with professionalism and organizational skills, followed by respect, modesty, and originality in the rehearsal process.





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